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How do I know if the US Prix de Ballet is the right ballet competition for my students?

USPDB - Ms. Shelby

As a studio owner or ballet teacher, you already know the significance of providing a strong technical foundation for your students. And you already understand how meaningful it is to offer performance opportunities where your students can put their artistry into practice.

At the US Prix de Ballet, you’ll experience a competition event that combines these two elements—education and performance—and elevates them with a bit of extra magic: our uncompromising integrity.

From the workshop classes with our esteemed artistic staff to the real-time performance scoring, you’ll experience our commitment to producing an innovative, educational, values-driven event.

You’ll know that the US Prix de Ballet is the right event for your dancers if:

  • You want them to use this event to grow artistically, under the guidance of world-renowned ballet professionals who are known for being both encouraging and fair.

  • You want them to receive professional, progress-driven feedback about their dancing in real-time, not just general comments after the event.

  • You want them to be surrounded by dancers like themselves, who strive to be role models for their peers in the ballet world.

  • You want them to have an experience more than you want them to have a trophy, because you know that an experience like this will impact their future for years to come.

It’s these principles on which the US Prix de Ballet was founded, and that we are proud to extend to you. Please contact us here or HERE with your questions about the event. We look forward to serving your ballet students this summer at the US Prix de Ballet!

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