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University of California, San Diego
Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building

9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, CA 92093

Click HERE for Directions and Parking instructions.


Saturday/Sunday, February 22 & 23, 2020

Host Hotel

Residence Inn La Jolla
8901 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92037



Registration Fees


Registration Fee: $149 - Includes two workshops $149

Parent Observer Band: $39 - Required for any person who wishes to observe the competition.

Guest Observer Band: $39 - Required for anyone who wishes to enter the theater and observe the competition.  No back stage entry permitted.

Teacher band: FREE



Master classes taught by: 

  • Daniela Buson - Assistant Artistic Director, Tulsa Ballet

  • Rie Ichikawa - Boston Ballet School

  • Inessa Plekhanova - Professor/Director, Ballet Program, Radford University

  • Victoria Schneider - Ballet Faculty, The HARID Conservatory


Workshops taught by: 

  • Amy Brandt - Editor in Chief, Pointe Magazine

  • Dr. Sara Hickmann -  Olympic Peak Performance Psychologist

  • Lisa Howell - Physiotherapist & Founder of The Ballet Blog

  • Andrea Sanchez - Wellness Specialist

Workshop Schedule At-A-Glance
(Subject to Change)

Morning Session:  held at the UCSD, Wagner Dance Facilities


For registered students (registered teachers may observe)

9:00-10:00      Workshop Check in Open and warm up space available                

10:00-11:20    1st Technique Class (Rie Ichikawa & Daniela Buson)           

11:30- 12:50   2nd Technique Class (Inessa Plekhanova & Victoria Schneider)

12:50-2:00      Lunch Break on your own

1:00-6:00        Swag shop & competition check-in open at

                       Mandeville Auditorium


Afternoon Session:  held at Mandeville Auditorium.


Open to all registered USPdB students, teachers, and guests

2:00-2:30        Session 1:  The Power of Focus                                  

2:30-3:15        Session 2:  The Mindset of Peak Performance Psychology

3:15-3:30        Break- visit the USPdB Swag shop                  

3:30-5:30        Session 3:  Physiotherapist, Lisa Howell      

Click HERE to view detailed schedule. 


Workshop Expectations

All students and their teachers, families, and guests must agree to adhere to the Workshop Expectations: 

  • Dancers shall wear their workshop number on the front of their leotard during the workshop.

  • Uniform: Solid color leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair in a professional ballet bun, No jewelry or body warmers.

  • Late arrivals will not be admitted.  Please be prompt.

  • Photography and Videotaping are prohibited. 

  • US Prix de Ballet strives to be a positive and uplifting experience for dancers during the workshops.  Please keep your commentary to compliments and appreciation.  Any negative comment about children who are in various stages of their training, and who are trying their best in class, is considered unacceptable.


Teacher Observation Protocol During Master Classes:


US Prix de Ballet permits registered ballet teacher’s to observe the Ballet Workshops.  Our goal is to come alongside the student’s ballet teacher in support of the student’s growth.  Please help us in this process by abiding by the following policies:


  • Please stay seated in the designated teacher observation area and remain quiet for the duration of class.  

  • Respect the work of the Judges and Master Teachers.  Absolutely no contact with the judges is permitted.

  • The classes, workshops and competition are NO CELL PHONE ZONES. Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom.  No photo or video allowed.

  • Once inside the classroom, there is no coaching of students permitted.  

To register, click HERE to go to Dancer Login.

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Photo by Brad Matthews
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