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Preparing for a summer intensive

From the moment you knew you wanted to become serious about ballet, you probably knew that attending summer intensive programs would be a stepping stone to your success!

Summer intensives are well-known for preparing ballet dancers for the real world of post-secondary education or a professional career in ballet. Prior to auditioning for programs, there are two key tasks you’ll want to do each fall:

  • Talk with your teacher about which programs he or she may recommend. Because your teachers know you well and have been in your shoes before (and often know what’s happening “behind the scenes” at different companies) they can make personalized recommendations just for you.

  • Make sure you have professional photos taken well before auditions begin, and ensure the photographer knows what ballet lines are supposed to look like. You may want to ask your teacher to be present during the photo shoot to help you pose. Don’t forget to take a headshot, as well as photos in first arabesque and in tendu a la seconde. (For each school you plan to audition for, be sure to read their specific photo requirements to know which poses are needed.)

Once you’ve decided with your teacher on which programs to audition for, ask a parent to help you complete the registration process online. Be mindful of your etiquette during the actual audition classes: be alert, know your number and your group, smile, and applaud and say thank you at the end.

As you receive your results, discuss them with your teacher to hear their feedback. Don’t make a decision to attend a program simply because of its location or name! Your teacher can offer you advice on which program may play well to your strengths and help you grow the most.

Plan to reply to every result you receive with either a gracious acceptance or declination. Program directors want to see professionalism in your response no matter the decision—remember, the dance world is a small one! You never want to accidentally offend someone.

Summer intensives offer an exciting opportunity to enhance your training; prepare well and audition wisely to achieve the best outcome for you!

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