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The importance of dancer health before competition

If you are attending a ballet competition, you want to know your body can work at its peak level of performance. In order to feel confident and show your very best work, you need to know that you’ve done everything in your power to stay strong and healthy.

So what do we mean when we say “peak performance”? We’re talking about your optimum health, which includes your energy, resilience, recovery, and focus. As an exceptional athlete, you want to be able to produce the results you’ve been working so hard for during those many, many hours of classes and training.

Your physical wellness is key to a successful competition outcome, and one major contributor to your physical wellness is your body conditioning. Daily class, stretching, rehearsing, and resting are all important elements. Physical therapy too, can play a part in helping you improve your overall physical wellness, even if you’ve never experienced an injury. A physical therapist, particularly one who specializes in dance, can evaluate your overall strength and flexibility and recommend specific exercises to keep your body working in its best form.

Nutrition is yet another important factor in your peak performance. While there are no “good” or “bad” foods, there are foods that may help or hurt your overall physical wellness as you prepare to perform. Consulting with a registered dietitian can help you learn more about which foods will fuel your body the best for optimal health during an intense competition weekend. Proper hydration also goes hand-in-hand with nutrition to ensure your body can work efficiently.

Your mental clarity matters just as much as your physical wellness in order for you to feel like you’re operating as your best self. You’ve probably already worked with your coach on your focus and artistry, but you may want to consider consulting a sports psychologist as well. They can help you learn tools to use to stay calm under pressure and allow your mind and body to work together seamlessly.

With everything you’ve invested into your ballet training for competition—the long class hours, the private coaching, that beautiful tutu—make sure you’re taking excellent care to follow through on the amazing opportunity in front of you. Your consistent work and attention to detail will pay off if you continue to seek the right guidance and make smart choices with your health.

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