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Why competition in ballet is good for you

A common objection to ballet competitions starts with a simple, “Why?” as in, “Why should I compete in ballet? Why is it good for me?”

The answer, however, is not so simple—because there are so many reasons why! Ballet competition is good for you in a multitude of ways, not the least of which is because it can be valuable performance experience if you have professional goals in mind. Even more than that though, participating in a ballet competition can be a significant step to take for your own personal growth as a dancer.

To understand the positives of ballet competition, keep reading for our four favorite reasons to compete:

  1. You have the opportunity to set a goal and see it through. Knowing you have a competition coming up stirs your motivation! Whether your goal involves accomplishing a certain difficult variation on stage or to achieve a certain award, the commitment you make is of the same kind: you have an outcome in mind, and together with your coach, you set up milestones along the way to reach that point.

  2. Your work ethic grows. In part because of the goals you set, your work ethic has to keep improving by default. As the competition date nears, you must maintain a high level of discipline, not missing any classes, cross-training sessions, or private coaching. You learn in the process just what “hard work” means to you, and how it can enhance your results as a student and as a performer.

  3. You gain valuable feedback. Being adjudicated at a ballet competition is unique because of the industry expertise involved. In no other way can you receive constructive feedback from renowned leaders in the ballet world who understand exactly what it means to be an aspiring professional dancer—because they’ve lived it themselves.

  4. You become inspired by others. Competing with your peers allows you to be inspired by them! The environment encourages you to see your fellow competitors in a positive light; to appreciate their knowledge and skills and to learn from watching them in action. Ballet competitions teach you how to interact with your peers in a professional way: how to win graciously, grow from your mistakes, and congratulate others who do well.

If you weren’t sure whether a ballet competition would be right for you, we hope these reasons have shown you all the good they have to offer—your personal growth is truly limitless when you choose to participate in a ballet competition. There’s simply nothing else quite like it!

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