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Tips for time management

If you are training for a ballet career, you already know just how important your time is! Your dance studies are leading you down the path to your goals, with hours upon hours of daily effort.

It’s no surprise then that as your goals become more focused, your training becomes more extensive. And as your training becomes more extensive, it becomes even more important to balance your time well with your academics.

As a pre-professional student, you are already building excellent self-discipline with your dancing. To keep the momentum going in your schoolwork, here are our three tips for successful time management:

  1. Create systems for yourself Remember that a high-level of commitment to dance requires a high-level of time management! That means making sure you schedule time for homework and studying. Whether you use a planner, personal calendar, or even a reminder app on your phone, it’s essential to implement systems for yourself that will keep you on track without missing a beat.

  2. Don’t use excuses Never use school as an excuse to compromise your dance training (and don’t use dance as an excuse to compromise your academics). It can be easy to fall into this trap! But with a high-level of time management and an understanding that you are accountable for being prepared, there’s no reason for school to interfere with your training.

  3. Consider alternative school options Many pre-professional dancers find that homeschooling or attending virtual school allows them more flexibility with schoolwork and academic obligations. It will still be important to manage your time well, but these options can provide you with the opportunity to tailor each day to your own needs.

At this point in your training, you’ve already put a lot of thought and work into your studies and goals. You are preparing yourself for a professional dance life, and the industry wants to see that you can demonstrate an ability to handle multiple important commitments.

Show them you’ve got what it takes by using these tips for time management—and show yourself you know what it takes to reach your peak of personal success.

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