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The newest addition to America’s ballet competition scene

At first glance, when you see the dance competition scene in America, you see a vast array of choices! But while it’s true that many competition options exist for students in jazz, contemporary, and hip hop dance styles, ballet competitions have historically been few and far between.

Yes, there are sometimes opportunities to compete in ballet at competitions where all dance styles are performed. And there do exist opportunities for the most elite ballet students to compete at the pre-professional level.

But now there is a new opportunity, one for ballet students at all levels of their dedicated studies. This new opportunity is the US Prix de Ballet, our ballet competition which thrives on the principles of progress-driven education and unmatched integrity in scoring.

The US Prix de Ballet was founded in cooperation with the Japan Grand Prix, an international ballet competition known for its professionalism, quality judging, and welcoming atmosphere. The US Prix de Ballet strives to bring those same qualities to the ballet competition scene in America.

So what else makes the US Prix de Ballet unique among ballet competition opportunities here in the States?

  • We have high-level ballet professionals, each with a background in education, at the helm of our workshops, as well as offering personal feedback during scoring.

  • Our classes are about the process as much as they are about results. We want to grow young dancers who appreciate learning.

  • Artistry is emphasized at every point. We strive to give students the chance to hone both their technique and their performance qualities.

  • There are no superfluous awards; we believe in honoring honest results.

  • Our processes and procedures are efficient at every turn. From registration to feedback, our participants can expect a high-level of attention and accuracy.

At the US Prix de Ballet, our goal is for every dancer to leave the competition feeling as if they’ve grown as a student and an artist, and that our event provided them with a way to show their best work.

With a positive and uplifting experience in the classroom and on the stage, our participants at the US Prix de Ballet will feel at home in this environment of learning, progress, and performance. We believe in the potential of every student who passes through our doors!

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