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Social Media and Ballet

Social media is everywhere! It’s one of the primary ways we communicate with family and friends, and an amazing tool for both entertainment and education. You probably check your accounts multiple times a day and spend time exploring on different platforms.

Here at US Prix de Ballet, we love social media for so many reasons, including the exposure of ballet to more and more people. Because professionals and students alike can post on social media, there is inspiration at nearly every click, tap, or swipe. But social media can have its drawbacks too, as you are probably aware.

When it comes to ballet on social media, we put together our best Dos and Don’ts based on our experiences. We hope these tips will urge you to pay close attention to social media’s effect on your life, and to use it wisely for yourself and among friends.

Do curate your social media accounts for positivity. When you select accounts to follow, particularly in dance, stick with the ones that you know will brighten your day or inspire you to work hard. You do have control over what’s in your feed.

Do know that you will see users who only post extreme feats, such as with hypermobility or multiple pirouettes on pointe. Remember that copying these types of posts can be dangerous and could cause injury, especially without proper training and supervision.

Don’t forget that social media is only a snapshot of someone’s real dance life. You only see what they choose for you to see! Don’t hesitate to unfollow anyone whose posts are negative or which cause you to feel bad about yourself.

Don’t assume that every ballet-related post represents something that is appropriate for you, your body, or your experience. Do be inspired, but also be true to yourself.

Do take breaks from social media to refocus and recenter. If you find yourself checking your feed constantly, or feeling negatively about yourself when you do, it’s probably a good idea to take a social media “fast” for a few days.

Do think before you post to your own account. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see! Be true to yourself as a person and as a dancer, and be proud of how you are represented in the online world.

Social media’s benefits are in many ways invaluable. Having access to watch snippets of professional classes or choreography is amazing, as is having a window into your favorite ballet dancer’s life … these things can be exciting, eye-opening, and motivational all at once!

At the same time, it’s important to remember that social media exists as a tool and a resource, not as any one person’s whole truth. It is still only a glimpse into the reality that exists beyond the screen.

Use social media smartly and it will continue to be a benefit to you instead of a burden. We hope you’ll implement these Dos and Don’ts and take them to heart!

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